New Site, New Life

We are so delighted to present to you the brand new website of The Spanish Factory™.

Our aim is to provide a pleasant and an informative website as well as provide a faster and more straightforward booking and payment experience.

One of the main reasons why we wanted to launch this new web was to incorporate some great new features and improve the current ones that will help our students manage their Spanish learning process. So here they are:

My Account

This is where students can manage and edit their details, review all the booked Spanish lesson packages/plans and Spanish courses, and change/edit payment details. This interface has been made faster and more convenient.

Spanish Tuition Packages

After helping hundreds of students to achieve their goals when learning Spanish, we have noted how the most important aspects of a tuition process are flexibility and personalisation in all their means. This is why we have added a large variety of Lesson Packages for our Spanish Tuition service that students can purchase according to their needs. The packages can be also made recurring on a weekly or monthly basis at your convenience.

Lesson Management Calendar

This is another great feature for all those taking private Spanish lessons with us. Over the past couple of years our students have taken advantage of our online calendar to reserve their Spanish Tuition lessons. This tool has now been improved offering faster booking experience, easy cancellation and lesson change options. As always, for every booked lesson, an email confirmation will be sent, so it is easy to double-check your e-mail inbox to remember when the next lesson takes place.

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New Site, New Life

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